v3.4.x Text Snippets and Template Variables

The template file that is used for displaying surcharge/discount information is add_charge_info.tpl and can be found in the directory /Resources/views/frontend/mnd_add_charge_manager of the plugin.

The following text snippets are defined and can be changed in the shopware backend:

{s name="add_charge_info/ggf" namespace="frontend/add_charge_info"}if appl.{/s}

Will be used when the surcharge/discount is limited to a certain shipping country or type of dispatch, or if it is only applicaple for a specific article variant.

{s name="add_charge_info/optional" namespace="frontend/add_charge_info"}optional{/s}Will be used when surcharges/discounts are optional
{s name="add_charge_info/zzgl" namespace="frontend/add_charge_info"}plus{/s}Will be used as default for surcharges
{s name="add_charge_info/abzgl" namespace="frontend/add_charge_info"}minus{/s}

Will be used as default for discounts

{s name="add_charge_info/basket" namespace="frontend/add_charge_info"}per order{/s}Will be used when surcharge/discount is only per order

To customize the template please inherit it according to shopware standards. Add a directory in your Theme with the name /frontend/mnd_add_charge_manager and add the file add_charge_info.tpl.

You can use the following variables:

$add_chargeContains information for all surcharges/discounts of an article
$add_charge.notApplicableThe surcharge/discount is restricted (see $add_charge.limitedDispatches, $add_charge.limitedCountries, $add_charge.customerGroupException)true | falseboolean


if true it is an article varianttrue | falseboolean
$add_charge.isOptionalthe surcharge/discount is optional (per shopping cart)true | falseboolean
$add_charge.grossPricethe gross price of the surcharge/discount0.25float
$add_charge.limitedDispatchesIf limited to types of dispatch, this contains a list of types of dispatch this surcharge/discount is limited to.

array {
    [id] => 'Name of Dispatch Type'

$add_charge.limitedCountriesIf limited to shipping countries, this contains a list of shipping countries this surcharge/discount is limited to.array {
    [id] => 'Country Name'
$add_charge.customerGroupExceptionContains the customer groups the surcharge/discount is limited to.array {
    [id] => 'Customer Group Name'
$add_charge.displayNameThe display name Handling Feestring

type of the surcharge/discount (see details in user documentation)

  • multi → surcharge/discount amount equals article
  • single → once per article
  • basket → once per basket
  • optbasket → optional once per basket
multi | single | basket | optbasketstring
$add_charge.descriptionContains the short description textHandling Fee for large items
$hideDescriptiondefines if the short description should be displayedtrue | falseboolean