v3.4.x Article Surcharges and Discounts(MndAddChargeManager) - EN


updated documentation for version 3.4.0

  • changed frontend display behavior for listings and article boxes
    • group surcharges/discounts with identical names
    • display an price range if surcharges/discounts have different costs on article variants
2019-08-19added css rules for layout optimizations in article sliders

Our new plugin "MND Next Foundation" is required. It is free and needs to be installed for this plugin to work.

New in Version 3.4

  • frontend display behavior has changed in listing and article boxes. See Details in Link Surcharges and Discounts, chapter "Assigning two or more surcharges to article/article variants/categories"


What you can do with this plugin

With this plugin "Article Surcharges and Discounts" (MndAddChargeManager) you can create surcharges or discounts linked to articles. From version 3 you can link only selected article variants. Surcharges and discounts can be set to be calculated per article, per article quantity or per basket. Basket surcharges/discounts can be set to be optional, so a user can deselect in the checkout.

Surcharges and discounts will be added to the basket as descrete articles with ordernumbers you can configure. You can define any number of surcharges/discounts in the shopware backend and edit all texts to your needs.

For each surcharge/discount you can define exceptions

  • Set different prices or deactivate for specific customer groups
  • Calculate only if specific shipping country is selected by user
  • Calculate only if specific type of dispatch is selected by user

Examples of applications

  • deposit (bottle deposit, can deposit, battery deposit etc.)
  • handling fees
  • bulky goods
  • cooled goods
  • toll fees
  • special packaging
  • optional gift packaging
  • special article discounts
  • special basket discounts
  • special discounts only for articles in a category

surcharge types

There are four types of surcharges/discounts types:

  1. One surcharge/discount per article quantity. I.e. 1x article = 1x surcharge/discount, 10x article = 10x surcharge/discounts, etc.
  2. One surcharge/discount per article, regardless of quantity. I.e. 1x article = 1x surcharge/discount, 10x article = 1x surcharge/discount. etc.
  3. One surcharge/discount per basket. Surcharge/discount will only be calculated 1x per shopping cart. Regardless of number of articles and resp. quantity.
  4. One optional surchage per basket. Surcharge 1x per shopping cart. User can deselect surcharge for checkout.

Feature Overview

  • Multiple surcharges/discounts can be linked to one article (you may need to modify your template for this)

  • Link surcharges/discounts to:
    • specific articles
    • specific article variants
    • specific categories
  •  VAT configurations
    • define individual tax rate to surcharge/discount
    • set auto vat mode: tax rate of linked article is used for surcharge/discount
  • Exceptions
    • restrict to selected shipping countries
    • restrict to selected types of dispatch
    • define individual prices for customer groups
    • do not calculate for selected customer groups


Installation in the shop

  1. Install the plugin "MND Next Foundation" from the shopware plugin store, which is a requirement for this plugin
  2. Install this plugin ("Article surcharges and discounts") from the shopware plugin store.

Make sure to recompile your shopware theme and clear all shopware caches after the installation.

Further information about the installation process in Shopware:

Plugin-Installation: http://en.community.shopware.com/_detail_1638.html?_ga=1.130307917.395169831.1467200155
Plugin-Manager: http://en.community.shopware.com/_detail_1858.html?_ga=1.130307917.395169831.1467200155