v1.0.x Plugin-Update Notifications (MndPluginNotification) -EN

URL to Shopware Storehttp://store.shopware.com/en/search?sSearch=MND1025648295348
Shopware compatibility5.0.0+
DateChanges made
2017-07-05Documentation for the release version 1.x


The Plugin MND Plugin-Update Notifications can notify via Email when new plugin updates are availalbe for your shop (NEW: with changelog excerpt).

Contents of Email:

  • New available plugin updates with changelog excerpt
  • Overview on all plugins for which new updates are available.

MND Plugin-Update Notifications is triggered via a Shopware cronjob. In situations where Shopware cronjobs can't be run, or the e-mail system is broken, a notification won't work!

Once shopware cronjobs can be run again, notification resumes.


The installation is being done as usual about the Shopware Plugin Manager.
Further information about the installation process in Shopware:

Plugin-Manager: http://community.shopware.com/Plugin-Manager-ab-Shopware-5_detail_1856.html)



Shopware cronjobs must be activated and working!

You can find more info at: http://en.community.shopware.com/_detail_1103.html
After installation, a new cronjob is created for the MND Plugin Notification. Make sure that it is always active.


E-mail address(es) for notification
You can specify one or more e-mail addresses for the notification. 
Multiple e-mail addresses can be entered with a semicolon (;) as a separator. 
If the field is empty, no message is sent.

Available modules and their configuration

The notification can be controlled via the plugin configuration.
Plugin updates
Notifies when new plugin updates are available for your shop. NEW: With changelog excerpt, so you can see what changes in the new plugin versions!

Plugin updates (new: with Changelog!)

The following plugins can be checked for updates:
  • plugins that are installed and active
  • plugins that are installed (active and inactive)
  • all plugins (uninstalled, too)

Example Notification:


The plugin is uninstalled with the Shopware Plugin Manager.