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Cookie nameZweckKommentar
​mnd-ga-opted-inGoogle Analytics Opt-In​valid for 100 years
ga-disable-UA-XXXXXXX-XXGoogle Analytics Opt-Outvalid for 100 years
Will be stored for each Google Analtyics Property ID configured.
<individual name>Opt-In / Opt-Out for individual trackings

valid for 100 years
Will be stored for each cofigured individual tracking

mnd-cookie-accepted- + (shop url without special characters or spaces, e.g. wwwgooglecom) + cookie version (plugin config option)Hides the notice if the visitor already saved the preferred behaviour.validity can be configured in the plugin config, default 31 days


You can find more information about our plugin "Facebook Pixel for Shopware" on its documentation page here: v1.x.x Facebook Pixel (MndFacebookPixel) -EN

Integration into the privacy settings is provided from version 1.1.3